A critical decision about the future of dPOS — About Juno proposal 16

  • juno-1 (mainnet, current rank #47)
  • uni-2 (current testnet, current rank #28)
  • juno-lucina (pre-launch testnet)
  • juno-hera (mainnet launch test)
  • juno-uni (decommissioned testnet)
  • “The entity” has never staked with, or approached us (CryptoCrew Validators)
  • The 50k airdrop “whale cap” was per address per design and has been enforced on every wallet staking more than 50k ATOM at the time of snapshot, also the “whale’s” accounts
  • You cannot define “an entity” on-chain
  • You should never change account balances on any blockchain for any reason
  • Code is law
  • we’re having this discussion only because “the whale” merged his funds, if they wouldn’t have been merged the whole thing would have gone undetected
  • 10% total voting power is not enough to break governance
  • “the entity” obviously doesn’t want to harm the Juno ecosystem (balance-, staking-, selling-history clearly shows this) and has even already voted ABSTAIN on proposal 16 to not interfere with community decisions



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